Thursday, December 23, 2010

what does dancing have to do with art?

Dancing is a creative way to show a story, or to be expressive. The way that  the brush moves is the same as a dancers body movement. Each is a way to show the beauty of artistic vision.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dude whats art?

Art is unknown, it is found in odd places and some may be forgotten, some people can not see this "art." They walk past it everyday but never see the interesting details. fractals are a art form that were rarely discovered and shared but one man wanted to let the world know about artistic world we were living in. Every time we pass a branch we think "oh thats just a branch, nothing special", we're forgetting the art and beauty that one branch holds. 

Thank you for listening to my new updates.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What is music?

Some people think art is just drawing and painting but the musical keys and notes are art. My favorit musical art is the kind by Bruno Mars.

My reason for happiness

Many people have a insperation or reason to wake up and be excited, or happy . My key to happiness is to be complimented, for instince lately this boy, C has been complimenting me about how i look. Every time i see him i'm happy, and i'm lucky to have C as a friend. so since its winter brake im going to be having a long time without him and so im depresses, no more cute presents or flirty smiles for a while. 

C makes me happy and i thank him for making me except myself...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

life is life

Life is like a piece of paper it doesn't meen anything, its not interesting but you have to make it interesting, be creative, be yourself.
***love lil star***

Mothers art

my mom is an amazing artist, she's done many drawings but this is my favorite from Alice in Wonderland, this year we've decided to have a theme like this on our tree. Joy to all and have a merry merry christmas.

***Give thanks to your mom***
finally eclipse is out on dvd, i was starting to think twilight was a waist of time but after watching the saga last night and saw edward kiss bella i love twilight again. And to celebrate this is my interpretation of Bella. 
*hope you love my new style of art*