Tuesday, July 13, 2010

so much better!

Last night I read one of the amazing books from the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. I've been reading the book for a while now and I've noticed three things. One is that I'm falling in love with the singer and actor Robert Pattinson or as I prefer to think of him- Edward Cullen, the second is that I can totally and completely relate to Seth being the youngest, brightest and bestest of many family members and last but not least Breaking Dawn is so intense some times I forget whats happening around me. Sometimes someone might be talking to me and I'll zone out once I read the first word on the page. The page I leave off on starts with words such as fire, ice and even more moving words like love. Twilight has changed me and now some of my guy friends lost interest in me because before I was one of the guys and now I drool over handsome vampires and literally hot werewolves. But I see something else in the books and movies other than just dudes without shirts, I see a different way to think of the world. Do you think every murder is caused by humans? Who knows maybe vampires are what we turn into after we die or if were lucky maybe Edward will make us immortal. I think of the books as a window into the real world. Are there such things as lifeless creatures? WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!!!

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